Adidas Track Jackets

Adidas Track Jackets are available in a rainbow of your favorite colors. Green, black, gold, white, red, grey and blue are some of the most popular.

Adidas Track Jacket

They make a wide variety of styles for both men and women, as well as for children, with the Adidas Superstar Track Jacket being the most recognizable and popular style.

No matter what your size, whether you are XXL, XL, L, M, or S, you will be able to find an Adidas Track Jacket that not only looks good, but fits perfectly.

They have several items from their general collection and their Adidas Originals Track Jackets collection that are named after countries and cities.

Adidas Track Jacket

Some are considered vintage collectibles and others are more recent, especially those that were made for the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, such as the Adidas Barbados Track Jacket.

Some of the more popular jackets from the countries series include:

Adidas Japan Track Jacket comes in white with a red collar and cool zip cuffs.

It has the Adidas logo on the right and the Japanese National Flag on the left.  See the picture below.

Adidas Japan Track Jacket

Adidas Tokyo Track Jacket is from the cities collection. It is white in color and there is amazing artwork on the back with TOKYO spelled out and a city scene with a colorful rainbow. Have a look at it below.

Adidas Tokyo Track Jacket

Adidas Originals Peru Track Jacket is red and white in color. It shows the Adidas logo on the left chest area and Peru markings on the right chest. The back has PERU spelled out in large letters and the PERU chevron markings. See it below:

Adidas Originals Peru Track Jacket

Adidas Philippines Track Jacket is decked out in red, white, blue and gold colors.  It features the Philippines National Flag on the front and Philippines markings on the back. See the photo below:

Adidas Philippines Track Jacket

Adidas Puerto Rico Track Jacket is white in color with red and blue stripes. On the front left is the Adidas logo in blue and there is a beautiful design of the Puerto Rico Flag on the right front.

Adidas Puerto Rico Track Jacket

Adidas Brazil Track Jacket is yellow and green in color and features the Brazil Flag on the front. The back shows the Adidas logo with BRASIL written vertically. The arms have the 3 stripes running from the shoulders to the cuffs. See the picture to have a look:

Adidas Brazil Track Jacket

Adidas Rio de Janeiro Track Jacket comes in several color combination’s. It has the flag of Brazil on the front right side and the Adidas logo on the left chest. On the back RIO DE JANERIO is written in large letters along with an image of Christ the Redeemer. See the picture below:

Adidas Rio de Janeiro Track Jacket

Adidas Ivory Coast Track Jacket is white, green and orange in color. Very nice detailing on the back shows the Ivory Coast symbol and has Ivory Coast written in large letters vertically. See the picture below:

Adidas Ivory Coast Track Jacket

Adidas Mexico Track Jacket looks beautiful with red, green, white, black and gold colors. It features a contrasting neck and cuffs. The Adidas logo is on the right with the Mexico national markings on the right. See the picture below:

Adidas Mexico Track Jacket

Adidas Ecuador Track Jacket is a great jacket if you like to be colorful.  It well decked out in yellow, blue, and red. It has 2 side pocket, the three Adidas stripes in red, the adidas logo in blue on the right chest and the Ecuador national symbol on the right chest. See the picture below:

Adidas Ecuador Track Jacket

Collaborations for jackets include those with professional sports teams from Baseball, Football, Basketball and Soccer, such as the Adidas Los Angeles Lakers Track Jacket.

There are also Adidas limited edition track jackets, such as the Adicolor series, that were available for sale in limited quantities for a short time. Some were made as a collaboration with celebrities, movies, cars companies, and even cartoon characters, such as the Adidas Kermit The Frog Track Jacket, and the Adidas Adicolor TRON Track Jacket.

Adidas Kermit The Frog Track Jacket

Adidas Tron Track Jacket

These jackets, including, the Adidas Rasta Track Jacket and the Adidas Firebird Track Jacket, sold out rather quickly due to their great designs and limited production. You can find them for sale on the secondary market, however, be prepared to pay a premium price for them.

Some of the popular limited edition jackets include the Adidas Bob Marley Track Jacket, Adidas Missy Elliot Track Jacket and the Adidas Muhammad Ali Track Jacket.

Here are a few of my favorite Adidas Track Jackets:

Adidas Adicolor Mr. Happy Track Jacket is a really fun design created by Roger Hargreaves.  The back print and lining feature the classic Mr. Happy icon as well as an appearance on the bottom front-left.  See the picture below:

Adidas Adicolor Mr Happy Track Jacket

Adidas Adicolor Dark Horse Red Nizza Track Jacket is a really cool, reversable jacket that is a colaboration with Dark Horse comics. It was designed by Mike Richardson and the Dark Horse design team and features the Dark Horse logo on the front and black/red styling throughout. See the picture below.

Adidas Adicolor Dark Horse Nizza Track Jacket

Adidas Porsche Design Track Jacket is just like the name says, as it was designed by Porsche. It is made of a comfortable cotton and polyester blend. It has the words Porsche Design as well as the Adidas Originals Trefoil logo embroidered on the front. It has 2 front and one chest zippered pockets. Of course, it has the classic Adidas stripes in different shades of green. You can see what the Adidas Porsche Design Track Jacket looks like below.

Adidas Porsche Design Track Jacket

Adidas Supergirl Track Jacket is the girl’s version of the famous Superstar track jacket. It is made of shiny polyester with a satin stitched embroidered logo on the left front and has the 3 stripes on the arms. Below, you can see a picture of the Adidas Supergirl Track Jacket in black.

Adidas Supergirl Track Jacket

Adidas Heritage Track Jacket is a series features classic styling that was said to be inspired by a long history of training, performance and victory. Jackets from this series have 3 stripes in a contrasting color down the sleeves and a screen print of a major college sports team logo, such as the Adidas Heritage Ohio State Jacket. In the picture below, you can see a picture of the Adidas Heritage Michigan Track Jacket.

Adidas Heritage Track Jacket

Adidas Diamond Net Track Jacket has a colorful argyle pattern on the front in various colors. It’s silky look and feel come from the 100% polyester used in it’s manufacture. The picture below is of the Diamond Net TT Blue jacket.

Adidas Diamond Net Track Jacket

Adidas NBA Homecooked Track Jacket was a collaboration between Adidas and the NBA. There were 9 cities in this collection: Chicago, Cleveland, Denver, Detroit, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, and New York.

Adidas NBA Homecooked Track Jacket


Retail prices for Adidas Track Jackets range between $49.99 to $599 and up depending upon the style, model and whether it is a “limited edition.

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